That’s the last time you put a knife in me! Y’hear me?

haha! i love that movie. 🙂 i just watched it again last night. nice.

well, my dear readers, another hateful christmas has passed us by and i couldn’t be happier. *sigh* soon the streets will be quiet and all will be well. that is until bloddy july when the xmas hell begins anew. some of you may be thinking ‘july? what you talking about? are you lost and confused in this big crazy world?’ and to that i would say to you: just try working in retail, then you will understand. oh yessssss.

oh, and i made out like a bandit present wise. super sweet.

christmas dinner went very well – had the panda’s mum and brother over. the food was scrumptious and the company was great. what more could a person ask for – other than to have had all of my family and friends over as well. i am so lonely without you all!!!

anyway. so uncle r—– update for everyone. as i mentioned in the last blog, my uncle was involved in a serious car crash and had suffered some significant head trauma. i am absolutely thrilled to say that he is out of intensive care and has already been transfered to a rehabilitation hospital. yaaay! also, i actually got to speak to him last saturday. it was so wonderful to hear his voice. 🙂 while he is progressing very well, it is still going to take some time to get over the trauma. we don’t know yet what, if any, permanent damage he might have. however, we are all super optimistic and are cheering him on.

everything else is going fine. i’m just taking today to be a bit of a vegetable (a parsnip to be specific) and just bum around the flat. i am going to go fight my way into the mall at some point to get some storage tubs. oh the horror. we popped up into the mall yesterday (we were on the hunt for a ds adapter and some eggs) and it was like something out of a nightmare. you’d think that the bulk of humanity had spent enough before xmas – apparently not. people were wielding prams (strollers) like weapons, driving them into you as they make a mad dash for the sales. just writing about this is making me break out in goosebumps. *shudder* we shall see what sorts of horrors are in store for me today…

re-read ‘i am legend’ this morning. man, i love that book. it is so cool. i heart richard mattheson. 🙂 i am looking forward to the movies, even though i hear it goes all religiousy at some point. boo.

alright. that’s the scoop for now. will post again soon.



listen! do you smell something?

hehe. i love that quote. can anyone hazard a guess as to what movie it is from?

oh, what a week, what a week. let’s start with the important news first and then work our way down to the mundane, dreariness that is my day to day life.

so, as some of you may have heard, on tuesday morning, my uncle r____ was involved in a very serious car accident. thankfully, he survived the accident, but suffered some serious head trauma. he is currently in good hands in intensive care and, wonderfully, the doctors were able to take the breathing tube out and he spoke yesterday. he has passed the 72 hour mark now, so we can only hope that he will continue to improve, without lasting or significant repercussions. additionally, due to this, my brother has flown to the east coast, which means that nearly my entire family will be together at xmas, and i can’t afford to fly over. i am really very upset by this. i miss everyone so much and it really sucks that i can’t be there. 😦

on to something lighter. this week was my last week teaching – very sad; and my last week at the library – surprisingly, also sad. i am really going to miss teaching, but then again, i guess the whole point of doing this phd thing is so that i can become a teacher at some point, so i won’t be too sad. as for the library, it was just that everyone was so very nice to me and even gave me a little xmas giftie. which was sweet. i suppose what i will really miss is having my section look like i want it to – which is alphabetical and tidy. the new job is going well, so far so good.

next week i have my three month review (phd stuffs). i am going to be meeting with all of my supervisors to discuss plans for the next few months and to talk about what i have actually managed to to so far – which is dreadfully little.

plans for today: well no japanese (yaay!), so no going into london – where the crowds will be horrific. i am pleased by that. so, what i am going to do is bake some gingerbread cookies. i am going to give them to my supervisors next week. i was thinking of making little gingerbread men and then icing them so they look like skeletons – cool, huh? i just have to find a cookie-cutter.

meh. i guess that is it. ta for now, my dear readers.

zombies are people too…

another week gone, another blog to post. i am so very pleased that people are visiting my site. 67 views so far – i am full of the happy joy-joy feelings. no, wait. that’s just tea. this past week has been so brutally busy, but (horrifically), the holidays are near, so i might actually get a few days to be a vegetable. or perhaps a fungus. they don’t move either, you know. for the most part anyway…

first up: japanese final today. i passed, which is a victory in itself, especially as i did almost no studying for it. i’m glad the term is done… surprisingly, it took up quite a bit of my super valuable time.

just to mention- the panda is making horrific beeping noises. apparently sending the longest text message ever written by human/panda hands. or paws. i am going insane.

onwards. went to go see ‘the golden compass’ today. i am a big fan of the books, but i was a bit dissapointed by the movie. to start, they cut off the entire ending of the book – which pissed me off – and they changed quite a bit of the storyline. grr. the daemon stuff was pretty sweet though. as were the panserborne. yaay for polar bear fighting. hopefully they will do a better job with the next one. whatever.

teaching is going well. the last class is on tuesday. i am both happy and kinda sad. i have really enjoyed it, but it will be nice to finally have some time for my own research. woot.

i am mildly creeped out by the picture of the rabbit on the calendar next to me. it has these weird light brown eyes. they’re freaking me out. maybe i should draw an eyepatch on him. i hates the bunnies. scary beasts.

the next day…

i fell asleep whilst writing that last bit of the blog. traumatizing bunny-related nightmares ensued. i’m sure i have more to write, but i think that’s going to do it for now.


ugh, and it’s only monday…

holy crap i’m tired. you would have thought sleeping until noon yesterday would have done me some good, but alas, here i am bleary eyed and hallucinating. well, not really, but you know the feeling. like dancing purple orangutans are going to start a conga line across mine eyes at any moment, entreating me to join in the fun. nay! says i. i cannot, for i have copious, copious amounts of work to do.

i’ve mostly spent the day working, which is a very positive thing for me. i have been to retardedly lazy lately, throwing caution to the wind and completely ignoring my research. making this day all the more special. the trouble is, i didn’t actually get much done, but it sure felt like it. sweet angry jaysus does it feel like it. i don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but when i’ve been concentrating for a long time, the top right side of my head starts to hurt. i’m not talking brain meat- rather like my my hair hurts. wow. i’m really freakin’ weird.

had a productive weekend. did some shopping, for that most hideous and terrible of holidays. you know the one i mean. as many of you know, i hate the holiday season. everyone can take their freaking xmas cheer and stick it where the sun don’t shine. and of course, by xmas cheer, i mean utter disregard for the rest of humanity. the holidays seem to create some sort of animalistic rage to shop in people, causing them not to care (or even realise) if they crush or maim the poor little american girl just trying to buy some friggin’ toilet paper. but i digress… i have to say, i did succumb to the holidays by purchasing a teeny tree – however, i must mention that it is black and has neon pink lights on it. not just for the holidays folks – that tree can work it for the entire year! it is really quite cute. what it really needs is some skull ornaments, or perhaps a garland made of real human teeth. then we’d be talking. oh yeah.

alright. i have an hour until i can go home, so i am going to try to read a few more articles. ugh… that one word pretty much sums it up


this is just a very brief mention of the results of my degree. I found out last week that i have received my degree with distinction. (for all of those that don’t speak ‘brit’, that means with honours.) i have yet to get the actual raw grades, but the ‘with distinction’ thingie typically means all A’s. even on my dissertation of doom. it does feel really nice to know that all that work was for something, you know.

anyway. that’s it.


sweet freedom from myspace.

welcome my dear and gentle readers to this brand spanking new version of my blog. it will delight you in ways that the old blog never could. oh yes. just you wait and see.

my intention with this is to give weekly posts of my puny existence, in the hopes that you, dear reader, will find some small joy in it. for now i will say farewell, but please look forward to ever so many more delicious posts.